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The slideshows below will have all 285 photos in it.  I have created an account with Photobucket that contains all the photos
and if any of you want to volunteer to help me put names with the photos in the slideshow, email me at jerrykey1@att.net
and I will provide a username and password that will allow you to enter the names.  As soon as I get all the names, I will
annotate each photo with the names so they will be visible in the slideshow.  If you have photos you wish to upload to
Photobucket for the Dunson website, I can make that available as well.  In the meantime, ENJOY!!!!

I'm sure this will make the slideshow more enjoyable to everyone.

If the photos move through too fast for you to read the titles, click on the STOP button(little square) and then just click the forward arrow or backward arrow to move through the photos one at a time. 







Friday Night