Check out these photos from Charlie Farrar - Welcome to Dunson Mill Village




Look closely at The Varsity picture:  no women!  There was an unwritten rule that "girls" didn't go inside!  When The Varsity published a book about itself on their 75th anniversary, several years ago, the current owner, Nancy Gordy Simms, was asked why girls didn't go inside.  She said she remembered that "rule", but no one really knows why.  Her guess is that when The Varisty first opened, it was a combination pool hall, barber shop, and restaurant;  women didn't go into a pool hall or barbershop in the 1920's, and that may have been the original reason which carried over for many years.  Another Varsity phenomenon that appears in the photo is that customers didn't form lines the way we do now.  What may have caused customers to form lines is the advent of other fast-food restaurants such as McDonald's where everyone did form a line! 

The Peachtree Arcade would today be called an "enclosed mall".  It was an amazing place which was torn down long before Atlanta realized it was important to save historic places.


Lakewood Fair Grounds also known as Southeastern Fair Grounds - early 1940s

Peachtree Arcade Building 1956

Inside Peachtree Arcade 1944

The Varsity 1959- what ya have!

Atlanta Crackers Baseball Ponce De Leon Park 1947-across from Sears

Interstate Construction 1964

Lakewood/Stewart Intersection 1956

Gulf Station 1958

Fox Theater 1958

The Krystal, Lee Street West End 1958



Inside The Krystal, Lee Street West End 1958