Video Clips


Video Clips below are extracts of the video shot during the 2008 Reunion.  The videos are shown here in low quality so the files will not be too large.  These videos are just typical of what it was like growing up at Dunson.

Helen Cash - Interview
Dorothy Key - Interview
Sybil & The Explorers
Linda Mims Clark - Interview
Linda Mims Clark - 2d Interview

The Dancing Dominoes Table - Ray Sheppard
In The Well - Ray Sheppard

Mary Bridges - Interview
Mom and the Paper Route - Mike Key
If the World Was Like Dunson Village - Mike Key (Large file but worth the wait!!)

OLD PRIOR TO 10/31/08
Knothead Teaches Warner Bice to Drive

News Travels Fast in the Village
Village Emergency Room
Golf on Sugar Hill - Ray Sheppard
LucyButtrum - Interview
Tommy Lanier & Dynamite - Ray Sheppard
Sybil Yarbrough Brown - Interview
Edith & Squire Hale - Interview
Joe Thrower - Interview
LHS Band and Warner Bice Strut - Ray Sheppard
The Dominoe Table Photo - Ray Sheppard

Other videos can be viewed at the Dunson Mill Village Shutterfly account.