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To see this year's attendee list, click here

Time is running out to register for this year's reunion.  We had hoped to have a good turnout this year but it doesn't look like we will.  If you didn't get your invite mailed to you, send me your address and I will make sure you get one in the future and stay current with whatever we plan.  Just send to jerryonthelake@gmail.com.  You can download this invite and send in or contact any of the Committee members and let them know you are coming.

If you know of anyone that was not at the reunion and have contact information that you would like to have verified in our database, contact me at jerryonthelake@gmail.com so I can update their information or add them to the database.

03/27/2016 - After a long break Charlie now finally back to writing his "Two Cents Worth" stories.   Click Charlie's Ramblings for the latest of Charlie Farrar's anecdotal stories that he writes for the newspapers in Texas. 

Would you like to order Charlie's book "Two Cents Worth" about life at Dunson and beyond?  To do so, just send $10 to Charlie Farrar, 4110 Copper Creek Drive, Baytown, TX  77521-3082.  If you would like it autographed and a personal message, indicate that as well in your request.  Let's support the Home Boy!!!

Birthday List has been updated.  Feel free to send spouse birthdays as well.  Send your birthday to jerryonthelake@gmail.com and I will post it to the website for friends to wish you a Happy Birthday.  (See link on left) -Updated 10/28/14.

9/20/2016 - The In Memoriam page has updated but I have a few names that I don't have the date the passed away.  If you can review and let me know, I would appreciate it and will update.  If I have failed to list your loved ones, send me an email at jerryonthelake@gmail.com and I will get them added before this year's event.  Names are now listed in alphabetical order and grouped in list that will make it easier for you to find the names.











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